heyrec is the originator of Austrodub.

The label has its tentacles clawed into some of Berlin's best known underground establishments with long-term connections and afiliations alongside numerous labels, the Hard Wax axis, Iceland's ecclectic Mum collective and yet their music has resolutely singled itself out from the crowd.

For many years heyrec have delicately developed their love of alpine folk, accordions and dub traditions into a hybrid of gypsy accoustics and effervescent electronic tinkerings. The results have never been anything less than captivating, with even hardened techno casualties unable to resist its originality and endless charm.

it was early summer 1995. having quit the job as assistant photographer, being left by a long-time girlfriend, fed up with drumming in the same bands for years hey went into the brand new second-hand music store in innsbruck/austria.

there was a tascam portastudio 8-track waiting for him. hey managed to get the 8tr and himself to his grandma's. a beautiful house close to a small lake in the mountains, lots of time and stars in the sky, grandma taking care.

he had everything he needed and started recording on his own for the first time. it was the most beautiful summer he ever had.

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